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G'day. I'm Paul. Thanks for stopping by and considering a custom build.

I built my first bass back in 1996, when I was in Year 12, under the guidance of Gerard Gilet in Botany. Since then I have bought and sold too many basses, but managed to hold on to that first custom build. There is something special about a handcrafted instrument. With a discontent with the standard scale lengths offered on the music store shelves and a desire to create a bass to my own specifications, I sold all my other basses, build a shed and purchased my own tools. And so the luthier journey continued.

I love the creative journey from tree to amp, watching the instrument come together. I find it quite profound to create something which, in itself, will continue to create. It is an absolute joy crafting these instruments and it is my prayer that they continue to be a joy and a blessing for those who play them and listen to them, for many generations.

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