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Free & Fast Quotes For Custom Builds

Pricing: Products

Please note prices are in Australian dollars (and US dollars)

Highland Electric Guitar from:



Southland 4 String Bass from:



Southland 5 String Bass from:



AUD$1000 (USD$750) is required as a deposit to begin a custom build. The balance can be paid upon completion.

Payments can be made through PayPal or bank deposit

Standard features include:

  • Your choice of select body, neck and fingerboard woods


  • Your choice of bass scale length: 30”, 30.5", 31", 32” for Southland bass OR


  • 25" scale length for Highland guitar

  • 20" fingerboard radius for bass OR

  • 12" fingerboard radius for guitar 

  • Slim 2 way truss rod

  • 2 x carbon fibre stiffening rods

  • Your choice of fretless or fretted (for bass) Fretless (unlined with side fret dots)

  • Your choice of frets (narrow or medium)

  • White or black side dots (depending on selected wood combination)

  • Zero fret & nut

  • 2+2, and 3+2 bass headstock layout OR

  • Your choice of guitar headstock layout (6 inline, 3+3)

  • Your choice of hardware colour (chrome or black or gold)

  • Single piece bridge (string through body for Highland guitar)

  • 3/8" bass key tuners OR

  • 13/32" guitar locking tuners

  • String tree retainer

  • Dunlop strap lock pins

  • 1 x Curtinsmith Southland bass pickup by Stonewall Pickups (in your choice of colour) OR

  • 1 x Curtinsmith Highland guitar pickup by Stonewall Pickups (in your choice of colour)

  • Volume and 3-way tone switch and 2-way series/parallel) OR

  • Active onboard Southland bass preamp

  • Electro-socket side jack

  • Rubber non slip knob

  • Pitbull strings

  • Wood wax/oil finish 

  • Heavy duty case



Additional costs:​

  • Swamp Ash body

  • Contrasting wood block fingerboard inlays

  • Figured wood body top/cap

  • Gold frets

  • Active onboard Southland bass preamp

  • Flatwound or Tapewound bass strings

  • PayPal fees

  • Courier costs (domestic or international)



Interested in your own custom build? Let me know what your dream bass or guitar specifications are and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Kind regards, Paul

Thanks for submitting!

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