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My favourite bass and possibly yours too.

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Solid Rock

Australia - The Great Southland. At the heart of Australia, known as the Red Center, rises one of Australia's most iconic attractions: a huge red rock known as Uluru. This impressive monolith is made of sandstone and stands 348 meters high and has a circumference of 9.4km. Uluru is at its most stunning around sunrise and sunset, when the golden light makes the rock’s colours come alive.


Uniquely Iconic

There is nothing quite like Uluru and there is nothing quite like this bass. Introducing the Southland series. Hand crafted from select tone woods, it features a unique 31" scale length. Not too short and not too long but just right. The perfect balance of comfort, speed and tension. Other short scale lengths are an option too! At the center of the body rises a monolithic hand wound, custom Curtinsmith pickup by Stonewall Pickups, which is nothing short of amazing! Just as stunning as Uluru at sunset, this custom pickup comes alive in this bass. It features a master volume with a three way tone switch and two way parallel/series switch which offers six instant tones for the discerning bassist. An active version with a custom handcrafted onboard 3 band preamp is also an option. Available in two models: Southland 4 and Southland 5 with options. Your choice of different tone woods, different pickup colours (gloss black, matte black, red tort, white, cream) and your choice of fretted or fretless. Not your typical bass! This is my favourite bass and possibly yours too.

Southland Bass: Products
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Southland Bass: Image


Southland 4 - four string
Southland 4F - four string fretless
Southland 5 - five string
Southland 5F - five string fretless


Your choice of tone woods

31" scale length (or your choice of short or medium scale lengths: 30” or 30.5" or 31” or 32")

20" fretboard radius

Slim 2 way truss rod 

2 x carbon fibre stiffening rods

Your choice of fretless or fretted (Fretless unlined with side fret dots) 

Your choice of narrow frets: Narrow (mandolin or banjo size) or Medium 

White or black side dots, depending on your choice of wood combinations 

Zero fret & nut


Headstock layout (2+2 and 3+2) 

Your choice of hardware colour (chrome or black or gold) 

19mm string spacing on the Southland 4

18mm string spacing on the Southland 5

3/8" Y key tuners 

String tree retainer 

Dunlop strap lock pins

1 x monolithic Curtinsmith pickup - hand wound by Stonewall Pickups (in your choice of colour: gloss black, matte black, red tortoiseshell, blue pearloid, white, cream) 

Your choice of passive or active electronics

Passive: Master volume and 3-way tone switch and 2-way series/parallel switch 

Active: Volume with push/pull series/parallel, bass, mid, treble controls, 3-way mid selection switch 

Electro-socket side jack 

Rubber non slip knobs 

Pitbull nickel strings 

Wood wax/oil finish

Heavy duty bass case

Southland Bass: Products
Southland Bass: Image
Southland Bass: Image
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