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Legendary tone monster.

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Following on from the Southland basses, named after my home country, Australia - the Great Southland, the next logical step was to go an octave higher and create an electric guitar. Going up from south, one must go higher. So, paying homage to my Scottish heritage, named after a place of rugged beauty and the legendary Loch Ness monster, I give you the Highland guitar.


A new legend

'Nessie' isn't the only Highland legend. It makes sense to equip a unique instrument with a unique pickup. Both are made by hands, not by machines. I was so happy with the monolithic Curtinsmith pickup, created by Scott "Stonewall" Miller, that I just had to have an electric guitar version too! The legendary P90 pickup is considered the holy grail of pickups. Now it goes to even higher levels of awesomeness in this unique, hand wound monster of a pickup.  In parallel it sounds like two P90s while in series it has a HUGE humbucker tone that you will love!
The Highland can also be eqipped with your choice of EMG pickups.
Paired with a 25" scale length, this is not your ordinary Fender or Gibson clone.

Highland Guitar: Products


Available with custom choices


Your choice of tone woods 

25" scale length 

12" fretboard radius 

Slim 2 way truss rod 

2 x carbon fibre stiffening rods

Medium frets 

White or black side dots, depending on your choice of wood combinations 

Zero fret & nut 

Your choice of headstock layout (3+3 or 6 inline)


Your choice of hardware colour (chrome or black or gold) 

Single piece bridge with string through body 

13/32" guitar key tuners 

String tree retainer 

Dunlop strap lock pins


1 x monolithic Curtinsmith guitar pickup - hand wound by Stonewall Pickups (in your choice of colour: gloss black, matte black, red tortoiseshell, blue pearloid, white, cream) 

Master volume and 3-way tone switch or Tone knob and 2-way series/parallel switch 


Your choice of EMG pickups

Electro-socket side jack 

1 x rubber non slip knob (or aluminium in chrome, black or gold) 

Pitbull Long Life strings 

Wood wax/oil finish

Heavy duty guitar case

Highland Guitar: Products
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